Tiffany Holiday, Brooke

April 19th, 2014

sample 1 Tiffany Holiday, Brooke

Tiffany’s back! While on the hunt for some food she runs into some hot little vagina! For Tiffany, Brooke is going to turn out to be her dinner and desert!


Tiffany Holiday, Taylor Nix

April 17th, 2014

sample 1 Tiffany Holiday, Taylor Nix

Taylor’s a first year college student. We ran into her while passing her by school. Tricking her in to doing a survey was as easy as mentioning cash. Taylor was one of the best bangs we’ve ever had!


Tiffany Holiday, Charlotte

April 12th, 2014

sample 1 Tiffany Holiday, Charlotte

We found Charlotte coming out of the pet store while we were out for some dog food. This blonde was wearing the same outfit as me, she looks smokin’ hot. When we told her she’d get $400 for doing our survey, she jumped at the chance!


Monica Sexxxton, Kim Kennedy

April 10th, 2014

sample 1 Monica Sexxxton, Kim Kennedy

The torched has been passed. New lesbian headhunter, Monica Sexxxton finds awesomely cute coed, Kim Kennedy, just sitting all by her lonesome on the boardwalk. One look at both of these delicate divas is enough to make you salivate…through your pants! Monica dangles a modeling contract in front of her latest ebony-haired prey and BAM, just like that, they’re in Monica’s private beach bungalow undressing each other. Then comes the soft kissing and caressing of nano tits. Get lost in the sensual seduction, the ultimate exploitation of hot teens on a mean streak to pleasure. Watch both their cute beavers get licked out…their squeals of ecstasy too damn loud to ignore!


Monica Sexxxton, Stacey Hopkins

April 5th, 2014

sample 1 Monica Sexxxton, Stacey Hopkins

Naughty dyke Stacey is cruising in the park when she spots gorgeous young coed Monica. Knowing that most university students need money, she offers Monica some cash for a quick bang. Back at the crib, the two stunning babes strip off their clothes to reveal a pair of playful bodies; Monica is especially sexy, with a lovely tan and curves in all the right places. After some introductory cunt licking, Stacey pulls out a enormous strap-on, which is so oversize that it makes Monica hesitate! However, soon she is getting slammed in her vagina hole by the oversize toy, penetrated on the full length of the dildo until she screams in orgasm.


Monica Sexxxton, Shawna Hill

April 3rd, 2014

sample 1 Monica Sexxxton, Shawna Hill

Monica Sexxxton is at it again, tricking another dumb whore into pounding her for free! Today’s silly little tramp is Shawna Hill, who is so super excited to meet Monica and needs this pay-day pretty badly. Monica gets her into the bedroom and starts stripping to get Shawna a little more comfortable. Once her white lingerie and denim skirt are off Shawna proves to know just the right way to get Monica moaning which she munches her cunt. After the get soaking moist with some sixty-nine Monica breaks out her favorite toys to really rail her new skank!


Monica Sexxxton, Alisa Ford

March 29th, 2014

sample 1 Monica Sexxxton, Alisa Ford

Alisa Ford has no idea this amateur carpet muncher flick is all a set-up. She’s been promised a paying gig, but Monica Sexxxton is just looking to get some sweet twat for free! Payment when the flick is done is all that needs to be said to get this silly little slit into the sack! They start out slow, with a little rug munching and rubbing with Monica in the drivers seat most of the time. That is, until Monica gets her strap-on out. Getting payed or not, Alisa bangs Monica’s fake phallus with all the passion and drive of a whore on a mission!


Tiffany Holiday, Atlanta

March 27th, 2014

sample 1 Tiffany Holiday, Atlanta

Tiffany was all eager to get out clubbing and show off her new slutty outfit. But before leaving she wanted a bite to eat and order a pizza. Imagine her surprise when the pizza gets delivered by a horny blonde! Who needs to go out when fuckhole falls into your lap?


Tiffany Holiday, Lexi, Breeana

March 22nd, 2014

sample 1 Tiffany Holiday, Lexi, Breeana

Tiffany is looking for some divas to rub up with in her new hot tub. Strolling along in the park, she finds Lexi & Breanna. These two brunette babes are game for some moist hot fun!


Tiffany Holiday, Lexi, Breeana

March 20th, 2014

sample 1 Tiffany Holiday, Lexi, Breeana

After some rubbin in the hot tub, Tiffany and the sweeties go back to the bedroom for some more coochie licking. This time it’s Tiffany and Lexi who slam their wet beavers together! Watch these two bitches get tricked when it’s all over.